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It is important, for funds, to reduce the routine processing of huge transaction flows from their customers.Taking this fact into account, not all currencies can be presented on the same exchange market and, as well, their rates can differ significantly.However, at the expansion of your portfolio, to make tracking and accounting becomes a not very easy task.[Worth 2018 Dollars Billion Circle 24 In Trades OTC Realizing]

For individual investors, there is no need for an overloaded system of prices, news, graphs, which is more difficult to understand than even understanding of cryptocurrencies.The peculiarity is that, it is important not to enlarge, but to reduce the labor intensity for conducting internal accounting and to increase its accuracy.

Сообщение Easy way of cryptocurrency tracking появились сначала на FinTab Crypto Portfolio.[2019 41 Analysis 7 Week Price Weekly ]

.They want just quickly buy at a good price.There is not enough analytics and abilities to create many portfolios for traders.We have faced with the abovementioned problems in real life, that’s why we have decided to create a service that could combine a convenient design and functionality, and which can be useful for people.They don’t want to waste time on accounting and analytics.At the same time, not all users know the basics of trading.Therefore, it is important to understand what is really needed and important for every type of audience.

FntbNowadays, there are many cryptocurrencies that may be interesting to investors, traders and funds.All this results in a problem of cryptocurrency portfolios accounting: there can be many different currencies in the portfolio; they can be located on different exchange markets.Everything can be summarized in the following aspect – they do not take into account the main principle – any service should be done for people.Traders make transactions on various exchange markets (because of the differences in exchange rates) and financial accounting becomes a very time-consuming task.[Ethereum WebAssembly Flavored EWASM Explained]

The maximum automatization is important for traders.For this purpose, a well thought out tariff and functional diversification will be added.

fintab 2There is no need to present a detailed review of all existing applications.And for clients, as for investors, the most important thing is to understand how much money they have earned.Such users usually need recommendations, which can even be found in free access.[Report A Satis Cryptoasset Valuation Latest Summary Of Group8217s]

If to speak about 1-5 top cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XPR), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), EOS (EOS) and etc.) and long-term investments, there is no problem in this case.It is a convenient system for personal use, but there is no desktop version – it is inconvenient to enter many transactions and currencies.The only thing that matters for such an investor, is how much he has earned and how to earn more.

It was exactly that problem that has served as the foundation for the creation of the FinTab system.[Cons And YoBit Exchange Pros]

As for today, all existing popular trackers for managing and tracking of cryptocurrencies can be divided into 3 categories:

    Rich functionality, but inconvenient interface Pleasant design and usability, but not enough functionality. Unfinished or unsupported beta versions.

One of the market leaders is Blockfolio.At the moment, it is the only normal (although there are sometimes bugs and lags) mobile application.Individual investor does not care what is the growth rate of this or that particular coin.You can just fix the price in your notebook, at which you have bought the coin and wait for changes.We develop a system that will meet the demands of every type of audience.That’s why it is rather difficult to get immediately the evaluation of current financial status, profitability rate of a particular currency   and on the portfolio in common.
Source: https://fintab.io/blog/easy-way-of-cryptocurrency-tracking/

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