Delta Exchange: Platform overview

Delta Exchange website home page appears with the common details about Delta Exchange, and has options to go to live trading and a menu drop down box.

The trading window is quite similar to other online platform valid for trading.Usually, a trailing order is put once the trade has reached its profitable level and the traders do not want to lose out on the profit but do not want to exit the trade either.[Blockchain Trends 2019 In 4]Deposits and Withdrawals

At the moment you can only deposit & withdraw BTC on Delta Exchange.You can convert BTC to USDC using the ‘currency converter’ on Delta exchange trading terminal.Delta is the first exchange to launch Stablecoin settled crypto futures.

    Limit Order – Limit order is used when the trader wants to enter into a particular position as a particular price only.Settlement and margining in USDC reduce the risk of price volatility of BTC.[8211 Bitcoin 2019 News 21 January Summary]

    USDC Settled Contracts on Delta Exchange (Quanto Futures):

    BTC–USDQ: Quoted in USD and settled and margined in USDC ETH–USDQ: Quoted in USD and settled and margined in USDCXRP–USDQ: Quoted in USD and settled and margined in USDC

    You can check out the fee structure for these by following this link.

    Just a word of caution, ensure as a trader you have sufficient knowledge about trading, cryptocurrencies, derivatives and technical chart patterns.These futures are quoted in USD, the margin and settlement happen in USDC (Stablecoin).Delta exchange is a super user-friendly platform and is compatible for both mobile and web screens with 24×7 support system.[Are Top Bitcoin Right That True Now Predictions Coming]

    In order to trade Quanto futures, you will need USDC.Once you know these, Delta Exchange is piece of cake for all users.The conversion rates are taken from Binance.

    Types of order on Delta Exchange

    Delta exchange lets you enter into contracts at your price levels and thus provides you with different types of order options.[Report A Satis Cryptoasset Valuation Latest Summary Of Group8217s]

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    Trading Pairs/Contracts on Delta Exchange

    Delta exchange offers BTC, ETH, XLM and XRP futures.The trader is willing to execute it immediately at the market price. Stop Market Order – A stop order is used when the price has reached a particular trigger price.Due to this completely safe and secure portal, the individuals registering on Delta and the volumes in transactions have increased on a daily basis.[Beacon Chain Explained Ethereum]

    Delta exchange is currently offering 100% deposit bonus to new traders on their first deposit with a maximum of 0.01 BTC.A Market Order will be placed when the market reaches the Trigger Price. Stop Limit Order – Just like a Limit order, a stop limit order is placed when the trigger price has been breached. Trailing Stop Loss – A Trailing Value is set; if the price reverts by an amount equal to the Trailing Value, a Market Order triggers. Delta Exchange

    Delta Exchange, founded in 2018 is an online platform for traders to take long and short positions in the derivative space with cryptocurrency as the underlying asset.This means you can get maximum exposure in your particular trades with minimum investment.

    Deposit is free of cost on Delta while withdrawals have a small fee attached to it.Delta is an end to end cryptocurrency platform founded by individuals who have vast and extensive knowledge in the field of finance and technology.[At Falter XRP Liquidation 34 Cents Ripple]

    Delta Exchange Review Trading Screen

    A major advantage of Delta Exchange that has made it set apart is that till date Delta has been completely secure and not a victim of any hacks or scams would which otherwise create fear in the minds of traders.Once you are signed up, you can login to your account and deposit BTC.

    BTC Settled Contracts on Delta Exchange:

    BTC-USD: Quoted in USD | Settled & margined in BTC XLM-USD: Quoted in BTC | Settled & margined in BTC

    However, settlement in BTC exposes the traders to risk in price volatility of BTC.To solve this problem, Delta Exchange recently introduced Quanto Futures.To the complete left, it has technical charts and patterns which one can use to draw references.[Ethereum Network Overload]

    In order to deposit BTC on Delta Exchange, you need to first sign-up for an account.The order will only be executed at the price entered by the trader. Market Order – This is a type of order where the trade is executed at the price that is quoted at that very moment.The trade counter has options such as buy, sell, order book, recent trades, and the top bid and asks for that contract.[News 8211 2019 Summary Bitcoin 28 January]

    Delta Exchange specialises in leveraged and margin trading, letting user’s trade on margin up to 100x leverage.With the introduction of Quanto Futures, the ease of settlement and margin would encourage more users to get onto this platform.You can read this guide to bitcoin futures for more understanding about crypto futures and trading.

    .To know more about this offer, follow this link – https://www.delta.exchange/100-deposit-bonus/


    All in all, Delta Exchange has some new as well as old trading contracts up its sleeve.However, there is an option of ‘currency converter’ that lets you convert your BTC into ETH, USDC or XRP and vice versa in order to trade various contracts.[EOS Smart Choose Do Ethereum Vs People What]

    The exchange rate for USD-USDC remains pegged @ 1 USD during the life of the trade.Delta allows users to take long as well as short positions in their desired contracts with up to 100x leverage.
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